Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Give me an "F'.  Give me an "I".  Just finish that off by yourself you know how to spell it.

Kickboxing.  I started on the 23rd with a 30 minute class.  I have done two hour classes now.  I have to say, it is torture.  I love it.

Not only will I be going to two hour long kickboxing classes this week, I will also being attending a 6am bootcamp.

Fit is about to be my middle name.  If I'm not hard as a rock in 6 weeks I am never exercising again.

My goals:

  • 6 weeks- Be able to outrun most anyone, backwards
  • 2 months- 25 pushups, be able to touch my nose to my knees
  • 3 months- wallow in all that goal accomplishment
  • 6 months- Gain 7 pounds of muscle
I have spent the last year in a pit of self loathing and misery.  I will spend this year looking and feeling amazing.  

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