Friday, June 30, 2006

I miss driving at night

I haven't worked at job where I got off before midnight since I was 18. That is five years of driving home in the dark with no one on the road. I don't really think about driving at night until I take the back roads home from Corley's house. The country roads are really dark and I like to roll my windows down and feel the cool breeze. There is hardly anyone on the roads. I turn my music up really load. Then it hits me. I really miss driving at night. I think this every time I leave her house. In the winter I was driving home in the dark from work at seven o'clock, but it just isn't the same. Yeah it is dark, but there are all kinds of people out and traffic.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What little faith I had left in humanity is gone

I work in the corporate offices of a pawn shop. I look up items on the internet when the employees in the pawn shop don't know what they are worth. A monkey could do my job. Hell my dog could do my job if he had thumbs. I talk to people who work in the pawn shop who could be classified as dumber than my dog. Grubb definitely understands English better than most of them. Anyway I am getting off subject the point of this was the depths that humanity has sunk too. First of all I got a call asking about an alarm clock... Yeah that is exactly what I thought. How are they going to wake up in the morning? That sort of amuses me. Like when somebody pawns the heater or the air conditioner. It amuses me to think that they are hot or cold and they needed a couple a bucks to feed their addiction whatever it may be. After the alarm clock that was fifteen dollars that they couldn't get more than maybe three dollars for I thought, "Wow, that is hard up!" No, it isn't! Hard up is pawning your cat's litter box! Yeah, you heard right! The mother fucking litter box! Where do the cats poop? Granted the thing was electric and sold new for like three hundred dollars, but come on! Where do the cats poop? I just can't get over it! A women pawned the cat toilet. How would she like it if someone pawned her toilet? There was once cat poop in there and she had the nerve to take it to the pawn shop and try to sell it. What the fuck! Is it just me? Does this not baffle the mind? She tried to resell a box with cat pee in it! That shit doesn't go away we have all seen it glow in the black light. Huhhh

Monday, June 26, 2006

I have seen the future

I have to say that it is pretty bleak. I recently saw my grandmother. I have literally seen this woman about five times in my whole life. Between her and my mother I might not make it past 25 with my sanity. It is terrifying really just how loopy they are. On the upside I will be mildly happy.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

See the vegetable man in the vegetable van

I saw Beck and The Backyard last night. It was a great show and I got to go for free so I'm trying not to complain. But damn I stood in line for at least an hour trying to get alcohol. I will say that when I finally got up there the bartender made my drink so strong I was afraid to light a cigarette around it. One little ash and we all could have gone up in flames. There were puppets at the show playing on stage. Not just any puppets but puppets that looked exactly like the band. About three quarters through the set they played this short movie of the puppets around Austin. The very beginning they are standing at the Congress bridge looking up and one puppet says to the other puppet, " Is this were the bats come out?" second puppet responds, "Yeah, I think so. Did you know that Austin is the Goth capital of the world?" Laugh riot. Judging from the crowd I'd say Austin is the middle aged couple capital of the world.

I also got to see a old friend from high school that me and corley had been wondering about. Totally random I was waiting for my sister-in-law in the parking lot, well just outside the parking lot where everyone was driving in. I looked at her and I also knew her passenger and I thought I went to school with her. Holy Shit I know her and I haven't seen her for like four years. It was great fun, catching up makes you feel like you are a kid again.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Best Father's Day Present I've Ever Had

Granted I have never gotten a Father's Day present, nor am I a man so I wasn't really planning on getting any in the future. Needless to say it came as kind of a shock, especially because my dad gave me the present. I have two older brothers and when everyone was at my dad's house he gave us all envelopes with our names on them. So we all sit down on the couch together and read our two page letter. The letter consisted of a paragraph about each of us and how we were unique and what made us better than him. The mere idea that we were better than him in only one aspect of our lives made him successful. He continued to talk about his fondest memories of each of us and that we turned out great even though he fucked up (not his exact phrasing) a lot and that his life was a mess when we were growing up. I am here to tell you I cried like a baby. Then everyone went outside but me, my dad and my oldest brother. My dad told me that he loved me and he hugged me and my brother came up and we had a group hug going on and my dad was crying and I was still crying of course and I think my brother shed a tear or two ( he is such a hard ass) and my dad told us that he loved us more than anything. It was a definite moment. After that I told my dad that that was the best Father's Day present I ever got, probably the best one I am ever going to get, and he told me you never know. Later, when everyone was leaving the middle son and his wife were telling their three kids to tell everyone bye and to tell there grandfather happy Father's Day and their 5 year old came running up to me and said, "Happy Father's Day!" and we had a big laugh.