Friday, June 27, 2008

The Treaty Oak

How do you think the Treaty Oak is doing? I haven't seen it in so long. I hope it is well.

What kind of dick face poisons a tree?

The neighbor is back. And so are the cops. Cops were banging on our door at 4AM Thursday morning. You never know just how unprepared you are for a great deal of shock until it happens. Today when I got home I pulled in the drive way. I got out of the car and I hear a car behind me. I look to see who it is. We don't have very many cars on out street and when I turn around I see another car. They are both sheriffs cars and here comes another, and another, and another until there are 6 cop cars on our street. Three parked a couple houses down one way and three the other way. I'm standing in my driveway staring, thinking, "Shit!" (You just never get used to the there coming for me feeling. When the cop in the neighbors driveway tells me, "Go inside, mam." I obeyed. But I did look out the window. When the cops were pounding on his door I could feel it in my house. Then they come knocking on my door. Do you know where your neighbor is? Do you know what they drive? Do you know where he hangs out? Yeah, he hangs out by my door bell. As much as he is over here knocking on my door I don't know how he has time for anything else. Well, if you see him give us a call. But don't tell him you called us. He has a couple of felony warrants.

The cops are never going to catch this asshole. I swear. You would think he is the most elusive person on the face of the Earth. What could be so hard about apprehending one guy. He doesn't even have a car. His girlfriend is a stripper. And his sister lives three houses down.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's my birthday

This is what I got 

My birthday Present

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm tired of baby shit

Unfortunately, I two baby showers in one week (technically).  One this Sunday and the next Saturday.  I'm so tired of hearing, thinking, seeing about anything having to do with babies I could vomit.  

Maybe one day my brain will be addled with disgustingly sweet thoughts of little spawn, but it isn't yet and there isn't anything less important to me right now.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fuck Summer School


Tuesday: Spanish Quiz
Wednesday: Spanish Talking Quiz
Thursday: Spanish Quiz, and Geography Test
Friday: Spanish Test, Ted's Birthday Party
Saturday: Write Spanish Paper and Do TEDIOUS, time consuming Lab for Geography
Sunday: Kyle's sister's baby shower

I barely have time to breath.  Somehow I have to find time to wrap baby gifts.  

My birthday is next week.  Could somebody give me more time?  I would appreciate it.  

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm having a shit day

First day of summer school.  Joy.  Spent $168 on books I will use for 6 weeks.  I still have a $30 book to buy.  The wind is blowing 100 miles per hour.  Between my last class and the $4 parking spot that was a mile away there was 2 construction sites.  I had dirt in my eye and stuck in my chap stick.   The wind was blowing so hard at on point I thought I would have to find a place to hold on to something.  I couldn't chance walking when the wind really blew or I might have fallen.  This wind is giving our garden a beating it won't soon forget.  And what did that sweet little garden ever do to the wind.  It looks like somebody has done a jig over our vegetables.  The corn is at a 45 degree angle.  I swear it.  

I have homework.  My calendar looks horrible already.  Not to mention I have 2 finals on the Saturday after classes get out.  I hope to god they aren't at the same time because both of my professors said there is no make-up.  What do you do?  

Kyle's dad will be in the hospital for a minimum of 3 more weeks a maximum of 6.  He has been in the hospital now for over two weeks, I think.  The days run it is hard to keep track.  The point is he has lymphoma.  A football size "mass".  He has a fungus he got from being around farm animals.  Due to his compromised immune system the fungus is in his spinal fluid, translation- in his brain.  He has pneumonia due to the fungus creating all kinds of havoc in his lungs were it started.  His kidneys aren't functioning well because the tumor is pressing on the tubes that take the pee from the kidney to the bladder.  To top it off, he is in a hospital and hour away.  So it is a breeze to visit.