Wednesday, October 03, 2012

One, two, three...

My friend and I go to this benefit concert at Whole Foods.  I am going because I have a tiny crush on the lead singer.  I go early.  It's Whole Foods I can find something to snack on and read a book in the out of doors.  It was a beautiful day.  The breeze was amazing.  I'm sitting by myself, waiting for my friend to show up. This guy asks me when the band starts.  I tell him.  He asks me if I am with the band, am I dating one of the musicians.  I tell him no and ask what gave him that impression.  He tells me, sitting off to the side, reading, knowing when they play. He sits down beside me. So I tell him I'm waiting for my friend. We keep chit chatting. Normal stranger stuff. Then he asks to play this game where we try to guess people's names by looking at them.  Then things get fun.  I told him I had a crush on the singer and he looked surprised. When I asked why he looked surprised he said I could do better. We laughed about that. After the show this guy is still hanging around. My friend asked the singer to come over and talk to us.  New guy was totally killing my game with the singer and I think he knew it. He ended up giving me his number.  I didn't really know what to do with that.

All the cards on the table, I am possibly in love with someone else.  I'm not going out of my way to hang out with some other guy I met at Whole Foods.  But if the opportunity arrises, I will see what happens.  So I consider my options then text him minutes after we part ways with, "This is Lauren. The ball's in your court." His response, which surprised me a little, was, "You are awesome. And beautiful. I'll call you soon."  Huh.  I mean, he didn't tell me anything I didn't know, I just wasn't expecting that guy to tell me.

Then my friend and I head to another bar closer to where we live.  The guy working the door is absolutely adorable.  I went on a date with a different door guy from this bar, but this is a new one, for all of you keeping track.  I ask him about his book.  He is reading Dave Eggers.  It impressed me.  I am sitting outside waiting for my friend and some guy starts talking to the door guy about getting paid to read. So I chime in.  I had an opportunity to talk, I took it.  He is very fit.  Judging by his arms and the way his shirt fit he has a beautiful body under there.  Didn't want to let that opportunity get past me.  So he tells me he is an MMA fighter and I ask him where he trains.  Fuck it, what have I got to lose.  So my friend shows up.  I ignore the door guy and my friend and I discuss all kinds of things.  Then she says something that surprises me. She tells me that she isn't as secure as me.  Huh.  I am silently putting a lot of interesting information into the world that I didn't realize.

As we are leaving the door guy asks me if he will see me at the gym.  Well, well.  That was an interesting turn of events.  New door guy just threw his hat into the ring.  I really want to join a boxing gym.  That is why I was asking him where he trained. That, and his beautiful body.