Friday, February 27, 2009

I don't know what's lamer. . .

Spending my Friday night writing a lame ass paper or that the highlight of my week was getting new succulents.  

Definitely the paper, because I am doing almost anything to stop writing it.  I will read any stupid Yahoo! article.  It's pitiful.  

I got new succulents

Check 'em out! 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Take a picture it lasts longer . . .

Newest tattoo

Wonder of wonders

One of my paper due dates got pushed back a week.  I can't believe it.  I swear to you that has never happened to me.  Damn it's nice.  

Is the semester half way over at spring break because spring break is approaching rapidly?  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have a hard time concentrating on school work after 8pm.  It is damn near impossible.  

I can't help it I think this is really awesome.  At least I'm looking at school stuff, right?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All things school

Bullets away!
  • I have an assignment for my Digital Records class where we are assigned a news source to keep track of and post about one story once a week.  The TA emailed a list with active links after we sounded off our number during class.  My number was second to last- easy to remember.  The link was wrong.  Yeah, so I was reading a different blog than I was assigned. Excellent, because I just found out.  We have been doing this for 3 weeks.  How come nobody told me?  The TA is supposedly reading all of the news clips and compiling a summary for the Professor once a week.    
  • There is a boy in that same class who is really cute.  He looks like a comic book character, maybe like Archie style.  Nerd-chic definitely.  Anyways I walked behind him the other day and I was a little ways behind him so it could have been someone else, though there was no one else around, and he smelled like cologne and oatmeal.  Which, incidentally, is exactly what Kyle's new nephew smelled like the other day after his dad was holding him.
  • I have a paper due in one of my classes that we are supposed to get pre-approval of the topic before we write it and I emailed on Saturday and still haven't gotten a response.  Thing is, I have to read quite a lot.  Why haven't I got a response?  
  • Furthermore, I have a paper due for a different class and I am so totally overwhelmed it is not even funny.  The worst part is that I looked up the same class taught by a different Professor and it looks so easy.  They don't have ONE SINGLE paper on the schedule. I'm asking a lot of why questions, but I'm going to throw this one out there anyway.  Why me?
  • I would give anything to read a novel.  If I could just get a little spare time that would be great, even better if it was assigned reading.  Oh, English major how I miss you.  
  • If I hear the word "metadata" one more time I might vomit.   
  • Back to this other class with no papers on the schedule, they probably have about one quarter of the reading that we do.  I should have known.  Our class still had seats available and the other class was waitlisted.  The Professor for my class wrote a 51 page syllabus.  At least 30 of the pages are criteria for written assignments.  I wonder if my paper will be graded harshly?   
  • I also wonder if I will jump off a high building this semester. 
  • Better yet, maybe I will jump up my own ass and think that it is perfectly acceptable to write a 51 page syllabus.  
  • I think I am going to open a business.  All the startup I need is a building with little, closet size rooms that are sound proofed.  It will be near campus.  People pay a dollar and go in and scream.  They can get 5 minutes for each dollar.  Nobody can scream for that long anyway, and you can pay with pocket change.  Also in the room (for an extra charge) you can have a full size dummy and a plastic bat. You can go to wailing and screaming and get out all of your anxiety.  Maybe I could get a grant and call it research.
  • Now that I have complained about everything I could possibly complain about I am going back to my homework.  

Friday, February 20, 2009

I survived

Between me, my mom, Kyle's dad and Kyle's grandmother we managed to take care of a baby for roughly one day.  I got a little bit of reading in.  I'm incredibly tired now.  Though I think that is just because I am home.  My own house has some crazy, sleepy curse on me.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sensory Overload

I would like to spend about 3 weeks with my eyes closed and ear plugs in.  I wish I had a sensory depravation tank in my spare bedroom.  I'm getting way to much input and my brain simply cannot process that much information. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Engagement pictures. . .


Plus, get this.  Friday, I am going to help take care of Kyle's sister's kid.  What? How am I going to help.  I have never even changed a diaper.  Ever.  Apparently, the 7 month old is too heavy for Meemaw or Kyle's dad to carry, but the baby's dad is going out of town for his job and Kyle's sister doesn't have any more leave cause she took it all for maternity.  Meemaw gets too worn out and tired.  Go figure, when your almost 80 (or have cancer like Kyle's dad) your not really in the best position to take care of an infant. (Kyle's mom doesn't have any more leave because she has taken it all this year for doctor appointments for Kyle's dad.)  In comes my duty of lugging him around.  No kidding.  Lifting is on the agenda for Friday.  Furthermore,  this is the exact reason I don't want to have children. Who the hell will keep the damn thing?  Daycare.  Babysitters.  I guess they didn't get the memo.  

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Losers

On this fine day I will be spending the night home alone.  It is really romantic isn't it.  Apparently, everything doesn't stop for half assed holidays.  Kyle still has to work.  That is okay, because me and Mario have a date.  Purple coins abound and we are on a hunt for them.  

Friday, February 13, 2009

Criminal Minds

I like Criminal Minds.  It is entertaining.  There is only one thing, it is totally unrealistic. So much so that it makes me laugh sometimes.  I realize that sometimes the stories are based on other serial killers, but serial killers are very rare, not to mention another person doing the same weird thing.  Plus once a week is a little much.  When was the last time you heard about a serial killer period?  BTK, maybe?  Before that Dahmer?  That was 15+ years ago.  So every time they work on a case they should look older, that would be realistic.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have nothing to say

I keep thinking of things to say, but they all leave in quick order.  Right now it feels like somebody has put an ax in the back of my head.  I have so much school shit to do, but I just don't want to do it.  Oh, thought of something.  

I have started my first project of graduate school. I'm really excited about it because I think it is a really, REALLY awesome project and I'm happy I can be a very very small part of it.  There is an environmental lawyer in Austin who has travelled all around Texas interviewing all kinds of different people about environmental issues.  He has been working on the project for about 10 years.  It is called The Texas Legacy Project.  Our job is to take an hour video that we have been assigned and make it searchable so that you can search any word and go to the point in that movie where the word was said so nobody has to waste time with the whole movie to watch 10 seconds of footage. We will also add a table of contents, sink the transcript with the video, and make links to Google Earth of the places that are mentioned in the video. Then as a group of 4 we will be making a website for K-8 geography teachers to use the website and focus on how they will use it and what they need to get out of the website.  After we were given instructions on what to do I came home and took a nap and dreamed/ dreamt?  about it.  

I got my hair cut today.  It is so different.  I'm not quite used to it yet.  

Kyle booked our room for the pinball festival. I'm excited.  I'm really looking forward to Spring Break.  School is going by so fast. It won't be long and I will be freaking out about all the stuff I have to turn in.   

Saturday, February 07, 2009


My aunt (technically my half- aunt? Is that a thing?  She is my mom's half-sister.  She is also 16 years younger than my mom) gave me her grandmothers (not my mom's grandmother) furniture.  So I did a little rearranging and changing.  I still have to work out what I am going to do with the dining table and the 8 chairs! This is what the furniture looks like.  

New furniture
I think the glass hutch is supposed to go on top of the bottom piece, but I wasn't into that. 

New Furniture

Then I moved the old stuff across the room to store all my school stuff and homework and books.

Rearranged furniture

I really like it.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Dear Skin,

You suck!  Sure, you keep all my organs in, you even stretch at will so all my joints move.  You also keep all kinds of toxins out of my body.  But why must you break out?  This is punishment for not taking birth control I know.  Could you just be less red?  That is all I'm asking.  


Thursday, February 05, 2009

Randomness from my day

The word "data" makes my skin crawl.  The fact that it is plural just grosses me out.  To hear someone say "the data are" disgusts me.  For whatever reason it sounds like nails on a chalk board to me.  

I'm wearing a white shirt today.  On the way to my car I got hosed down in front of the UT hotel by some guy testing the sprinklers without so much as a sorry.  My shirt was wet, my backpack was wet, my hair, face - both wet, water in my ear.  What the fuck, buddy? 

The School of Information has a picture on the website that makes me want to vomit.  Here it is.  It makes me think that we will all be performing an interpretive dance upon completion of the program.  Those two are illustrating what just such an interpretive dance might look like.  Or, as someone in class said today, just "straddling a computer". 

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm tired of life without bangs

So I'm going to do something about it. Take that, hair. I haven't had my hair cut in over a year. It is sad. I even have a stylist friend. Never fear. I'm doing something about my lousy hair. This is what:

Furthermore,  I have been lifting these 10 pound dumbbells.  I may have mentioned it.  I will be able to punch a whole in some one's face when I am through.  My intention is to be able to see the definition of muscle even in long sleeves.  I want my arms to look like this even when they are crossed.  How is that even possible?   I'm going to be so hard.  

I might even go out and buy some new make-up.  I got money from graduation.  I don't want to spend all of it on text books.  I don't want to be that lame.  Damn it. 

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Graduate School

School is kind of kicking my ass. There is so much reading online. It is hard to complain about such things seeing that it is free. But it is so easy to get distracted when on the computer and trying to read. You don't even have to move to do something else.

*As if to illustrate my point, since I started writing this I have looked at the Texas Pinball Festival Website, looked up hotels, emailed my sister-in-law and tried to go back to reading. I am having an off day.*

I can't even stay focused on things I'm half way interested in, not to mention really bland, academic reading.

Monday, February 02, 2009

I am so tired of hearing about how Jessica Simpson gained 4 pounds. Who gives a shit. I don't care if she weighs 300 pounds, the rich bitch. That is the point of being rich so you don't have to starve yourself.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

I went to Casey's birthday party last night

There were many, many things that went on. They were all weird. But it got significantly weirder as the night progressed. In the span of about 30 minutes there was talk of coming on faces, Casey's friend grabbed my boob (I think there may be picture evidence of that), we played red rover on Guadalupe with some strangers, and we were passed on the street by three girls who were dressed exactly alike. They even had the same hair. It was like I was drunk and seeing one to many. Troublesome. I shouldn't drink. My internal checker of the things that come out of my mouth is turned off. Not like being sober really blocks up the dam, it is just worse when I drink. Any old thing comes out. It's bound to get me in trouble some day. I mentioned out loud (I'm sure they were within ear shot) that these girls were all wearing the same thing. Now what if they were skilled in the martial arts? What if they were cannibals? What if I had pissed them off and they decided there were going to kick my ass using the choreographic sequence of fighting moves they have been practicing so when they kick some one's ass they all loook exactly the same? OH, what if they were robots? They probably were robots.

Then I had a dream that I went to visit Jon Favreau. He apparently had an office in the UT Tower. He had some really shady friends at his office party. I was trying to get in his pants. He kept turning me down. I just kept on trying. It is a weird world I live in.