Monday, December 31, 2007

For the New Year...

1. Drink more
2. Stress less
3. Watch 2 movies a week
4. Don't drink too much
5. Take more pictures instead of thinking, "That would be a great picture".
6. Think more about profound matters
7. Read more
8. Write more
9. Be here now more
10. It would be better if I had 10

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sweet Jesus

Why could I possibly be up at 7 in the morning? I went to sleep at 2 last night. It feels like I smoked a pack of cigarettes, but I haven't. Which is lame. I think my lungs are filled with barbecue smoke.

Kyle became an Uncle twice over this Christmas. His sister is pregnant and one of his friends from childhood (his wife is anyway). So, naturally, there is to much pregnant in my life right now.

It has been cold for a few days straight now and I'm already tired of it. We still haven't turned our heater on this season. Even if we did it isn't like we are going to turn it up over 60, and the house really isn't colder than that. Why bother?

I'm so tired. I haven't slept a wink. I'm soooo tired. My mind is on the blink.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It was a green Christmas

List of Christmas presents:
  • Clothes Line Poles
  • Shopping Bags
  • Money
  • HEB gift certificate
  • Fry's gift certificate
  • Target gift certificate
  • Giant Bulldog Statue
  • Bulldog Calendar
  • Candy out the ass
I can't think of anything else. Oh, shit, what is wrong with me.

  • A roasting pan that come with tongs and a baster
  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Ice Cream scoop

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Christmas Wish

I wish that at puberty everyone was issued a secret decoder ring to decode life's "little" mysteries. Maybe something as simple as a boy you like tells you something strange and you don't know how to interpret it. Or you get fired, what is life trying to tell you when something bad happens? I'm not saying it should be easy. You should have to use all your clever and cunning to figure out the code. Once you do figure it out you should know, beyond the shadow of the slimmest doubt, you are correct.

Maybe if we were to find a special crystal and the decoder only tells you certain secrets. I could work with that. I think.

Just so that you know you are facing the right direction. That is all I'm asking.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I want you all to meet the love of my life

Apparently, he only puts a shirt on when he comes to class. That is a shame- a crying shame.
Holy smokes.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Here's the pisser

I had two classes by the last test that I needed to make a 100 on to get an A.

On my Sociology test I made a 93.

On my Spanish Final I made a 92.

I made an 89 in both classes. Two B's and they are both 89's. I could scream, but I'm just so happy it is done with all I can do is laugh.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm feeling very, very antsy. I don't know if it because all of a sudden I'm not overloaded with bullshit, but whatever it is it is unsettling.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Don't drive with ball stuck to face.

For god sakes, no one has bought a Clapper in the last 15 years. Still, at Christmas time, they play the same old, tired commercial from 20 years ago.

No sane person wants a Clapper for Christmas. For that matter, no one wants a Chia anything, anytime, especially not for Christmas. They sure do wear that commercial out.

Because, someone out there sees that and says, "You know that would be a perfect gift for so-and-so." Really? Some piece of trash they will just through away.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I think they will be able to save my arm

I was sweating there for a while.

I think a spider bit me. I went to throw something stinky away in the big trashcan on the side of the house. Since spiders hang out there I put my arm in front of my face. This was probably the best decision of my life. My face would be so busted right now if I hadn't. I have a swollen, red, hard welt on my arm now. I was afraid my arm was going to rot off so I went to urgent care at school. (I was down there anyway picking up my birth control. Lucky too because I wouldn't have made a special trip.) Usually you expect bug bites to get smaller and hurt less after two days. It got worse. It is the size of half dollar now and swollen. Did I mention it is hard. They put me on antibiotics for a spider bite. They just hand those things out like candy don't they. Is there anything antibiotics won't cure?

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Weekly Update

  • Classes are over! Schooooooooool's out for win-ter. If you can call this hot, humid weather we are having winter. I swear it is 85 degrees with 100% humidity.
  • I'm totally inspired and awed by my English teacher. Just dumb-founded. I had beers with her and some of my classmates, and I have to say, blown away. One of the greatest teachers I've ever had. Period.
  • Really heavily looked into Library School tonight. Deadline to apply for next, next Spring is September 1st. Guess I need to start thinking about my statement of purpose.
  • Books to read on "winter" break:
    • After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie Jean Rhys
    • Maggie: A girl of the streets Stephen Crane
    • The Sun Also Rises Hemingway
    • A Farewell to Arms Hemingway
    • Tough Guys Don't Dance Norman Mailer
  • I finally played Nervous Brickdown for the Nintendo DS. Let me tell you, a whole lot of fun going on there. A whole lot.

Off to watch The Hours.


Unquestionably Yours,