Friday, October 30, 2009

Jump start

Okay. I'm attempting to blog everyday in November. I'll probably forget tomorrow. Do just pictures count? My days are different so that could get confusing. How about short staccato sentences that are totally non-sequitur? There may be a lot of that. I always forget what goes on during the day so you might hear about some pretty stupid, piddly shit. Brace yourself.

Today is Halloween. Hopefully, I can regale you with some crazy Korean shit tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Monday, October 26, 2009

this happened on my flickr

Posted by this guy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Korean Story #1

We went to the zoo. Which was zoo-y. It was all going as planned. When we were just about ready to go, we started walking back. We strolled past a row of food booths. When we were about 30 feet away we heard a loud, LOUD BOOM, and then a huge, HUGE 7 foot fire ball. The girl working the booth was engulfed in flames. She ran away, thankfully she wasn't on fire. I was sure she was going to come running out flailing and on fire. Magically, she wasn't hurt. The whole thing lasted about 30 seconds and it was out. I wish more than anything that I had accidentally got a picture of it. She went back to the booth and took her hair down and was running her hands through it to check for singed ends. She is lucky she had her eyebrows. She will probably smell like burnt hair for three years. It was incredible.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm in Korea

No shit. I can't believe it either. I have been here since Wednesday night. Let me give you the brief run down of what happened.

Wednesday Night:
  • Flight- ugh, Sea Bands are miracles. All hail, sea bands.
  • Almost a two hour bus ride from the airport to the apartment.
  • Shower.
  • Sleep.
  • Michael-Paul took the day off of work to help me recover. Because he is just that sweet.
  • Walked around the block a little ways.
  • Took nap
  • Walked around a little more at night.
  • Went to bed.
  • Jet lag is some kinda bitch.
  • Wake up at 6.
  • Shower.
  • Oh, god. Vomit.
  • Continue living in the bathroom for the rest of the day.
  • Take occasional tv and bed breaks.
  • Pray for death.
  • More bathroom visits.
  • Me and the bathroom became very close.
  • Sleep
  • Spend some more time in the bathroom, but not quite as much as the day before.
  • Incredibly exhausted from not eating for going on two days by then.
  • Going in and out of consciousness.
  • MP is cooking and watching a movie on the computer, which is by me and he is in the kitchen banging around and still I'm sound asleep.
  • Tired of feeling like utter shit.
  • Was able to eat a small amount.
  • Was able to laugh again.
  • Was able to talk again.
  • Was able to stay awake longer than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Walking was out of the question, but baby steps.
  • Taking a shower is exhausting.
  • My stomach is still making noises like, perhaps there could be an alien life force living in me. Whenever it does burst out of me, I'm naming it 'Cupcakes O'Brian'.
  • Missing Grubb terribly. But that is to be expected.
  • Finally brushed my hair after four days.
  • Still can't be far from the bathroom for fear of emergencies. (Grim face)
Hopefully this is the last of the sickness. Hopefully, I can actually leave the house soon and walk around and actually look at things, maybe even take pictures. I will walk again. I'm sure of it. The fun will commence shortly. I will deliver grade A, exciting stories very soon. Don't worry you pretty little heads friends.

P.S. I really wish my stomach would stop making those noises.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


What a bitch. I moved my bed into storage. That means that I sleep on the couch. That means that Grubb can't quite grasp what the hell we are doing on the couch. He gets down, then he gets up, then he digs around on my legs, then he sleeps, and then the whole starts again. I should be completely moved out by tonight. I am going to get some pretty shitty sleep for the next couple of days.

Things on my agenda before Oct. 6th:

1. Quit thinking about sex. It is so unproductive.
2. Not to get sick.
3. Have a whole shit load of fun this weekend at ACL.
4. DO NOT get sunburned at ACL because that will make the 18 hours to get to Korea HELL.
5. Try not to drink too much.
6. Stay hydrated because I don't want to get an embolism from 18 hours of sitting.
7. Drop my car off at my dad's.
8. Drop Grubb off at Kyle's.