Friday, July 28, 2006

I love shoes! La La La!

I went to a beautiful store on South Lamar called Strut. They have shoes and accessories and the neighboring store has clothes. Strut was having a sale! There sale rack was $10 shoes or 3 for $25! Yeah! I thought my head would explode I was so excited! Not to mention that everything in the store was 30% off on top of the sale! That comes out to almost $6 a shoe! It was so awesome!

I decided that I was going to catalog my shoe closet. I am going to take pictures of all my collection and put them on my flickr.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am one crafty bitch!

I made this for Corley. Years ago she gave me a whole lot of Reader's Digest condensed books that are really, really cute. I watch this show on HGTV That's Clever and this woman made a book purse. There is a how-to on the HGTV website and her website where she sells her books is Mine was considerably cheaper to make and equally cute. See for yourself.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More to love

I absolutely adore Alan Cummings. I just read his book Tommy's Tale. It was just so cute and happy. I just love him. He did a great cameo in The L word as a flaming queen. He also hosts Midnight Snack on Sundance Channel Friday night at 11c. He introduces a movie that you wanted to see and people are always talking about it but you never got around to it. For instance Foxy Brown, Pink Flamingos, Head-on plays this Friday which I would like to see. One more thing to love about Mr. Cummings he is a natty dresser.

He is the one on the left not the idiot boy band guy.

Monday, July 24, 2006

You tool!

Still on my new mission to not complain, so far so good. I haven't got burnt out yet. I am happy about going to see Tool. Sept 12 or something like that in San Antonio. Which is also good because I love Sea Island. We used to have one in Austin, but they closed because of construction on the highways right by them.

I love Maynard. He is so sexy and introspective and he uses big words which always gets me. I mean he looks good all hot and sweaty with those pants on. I mean those pants leave a little to be desired, but he fuckin' rocks them. I also love Rob Zombie I think he is so fucking sexy. Apparently I have a thing for dirty musicians.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Here's were it all began

Mutant tomatoes. That plant is not purple. The light some how turned this picture purple. I don't understand, but it is cool.

Same plant, same tomato, not purple. Your guess, good as mine.

These pictures are much cooler bigger 'cause you get to see all the little sparkling hairs on the plant and the baby tomatoes.

Again bigger is better. Those two tomatoes in the center are so hairy and sparkly they look like two little disco balls. I bet the ants are having a party right now. Damn it I hate to miss parties.

Turn Left, Turn Right

Tomato Line ups make me incredibly happy

This is more of a tomato catapiller still makes me happy

You light up my life

I complain to much. That is my first step to make happy happen. I am going to try not to complain. I didn't say that it is not ever going to happen again, but I will try not to. I have plenty that makes me happy. Here is the first installment of things that make me happy.

siemese twins tomatoes from my tomato garden

These were all taken on the same color paper light does weird things to colors

Okay, they make me really happy so I take a number of pictures.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The cult of the dead

Do you ever just catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and then start to stare for some reason. Nothing like vanity it is more of just, I don't know how to describe it curiosity, wonderment, how strange it is that there are bones and blood and this machine like thing working of it's own volition. Anyways when I get that feeling I like to stick two fingers in each of my cheeks to pull them back so I can see all of my teeth in doing so you can see the bone structures of your gums. It is so weird. I like to think that is the closest I will ever come to seeing my bare skull.

Hey I never said that I was normal, or for that matter even remotely so.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Um, is it supposed to hurt like that?

When I wake up the first thought that runs through my mind is, "Damn, not again." Isn't it a pity about your life when you wish you didn't wake up. Waking up has never done anything for me! I am always tired and I know that I have to go to my miserable job in which I sit for five hours and wish for death. I would rather bang my head on a wall for five hours. I am worth more than this idiotic, bullshit! Aren't I? Probably not. Do other people feel this way? How do people do it? I am not very good at life. Maybe I need to try harder at being happy. Is that something you can do just try harder to make "happy" happen? Probably not. I'm praying for tidal waves.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The world is my oyster

If the world were truly my oyster I would spackle it with fresh horseradish, give it a dollop of cocktails sauce, hose it down with a lemon then send it slithering smooth down my gullet, to the soft tune of an emergency alarm slu-urp.... slu-urp....slu-urp. Resting safely in the pit of my stomach I would vow to not lead a life of quite desperation like the mass of men. I am tired of this wretched job and this schedule. I am stifled. I am suffocating from the mundane. I hate my shit ass job! I have an idea that is going to make me rich and famous. Well, probably not rich and for sure not famous... never the less something that could save my senses, my creativity from withering and dying. I have an idea for an adult swim cartoon. I can't tell you what it is because once it is out there you only have a short time to bring it to fruition before somebody steals the idea from the continuum. It is a very tricking process. Coming up with your idea and then letting people know it is your with out putting it in the continuum. I am not a fast worker when it comes to matters of the mind. I have seen jokes that were just performed in our circle go nation wide again and again. There is only a couple of explanations: 1) that someone is watching us or 2) that once you put it in the continuum people steal it. I mean anything can happen and usually does, but people might feel the need to commit me if I truly thought someone was watching us all the time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dancing with a cephalopod

Grubb and Sluggs

Sweet Boys!

I threatened to get it, he was getting ready to run

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I came by it honestly

I enjoy drinking...sometimes. Sometimes, I enjoy drinking until walking is a far away dream only to be accomplished clumsily and stumbling is a goal far more manageable. But these drinking binges of mine are few and far between and usually, not always, but usually for some special occasion. Case in point, my birthday party. I got drunk! That may be an understatement. I got really drunk. I puked. But I didn't wait to get home, no, no, no. That just isn't my style. I am more of a puke at the bar in a trash can kinda gal. Now granted that is pretty bad. But at least I am not 4o something and just got a PI, like my mom. She was riding in her friends car while her drunk friend drove. Well obviously they get pulled over, her friend is going to jail and they tell my mom that if she gets a ride home that she can leave. She calls me of course and I didn't answer so she called her friend with a sober boyfriend at the party they just left. While she is talking to John the cop takes the phone from her and asks who he is he says that he is a friend and that my mom knows Holly and that she is a co-worker. The cop tells him that my mom is a liar and she is going to jail. The cop hangs up the phone and tells my mom that she is a liar and going to jail. Is lying a crime? Cause god knows, I know a few people who deserve a life sentence.