Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wish list:

My birthday is quickly approaching.  The big 2-9.  The last year of my life with a 2 in front. Tough.

Here are the things I want:

  • A GIANT disco ball.  I mean if that thing isn't as tall (or taller) than me, don't bother! Well, ok I could probably live with a 20".  
  • To do an L sit, a V sit while we are at it, and a front lever.  I realize you can do nothing to help me accomplish this.  
  • A big ass tattoo of a hyena on my thigh.  
  • All of your love.  
  • For  you to dress up and come to my party in a bitchin' 70's costume.  Otherwise you won't be admitted and be ejected with nothing but a bitch slap.  
  • Flask: a cute one with a pinup on it.  
That is all I can think of for now.