Sunday, September 02, 2012

Moonlight Blue

Friday night The Mind Reader came over.  He had this idea to take me dancing so he can teach me how to two-step.  He walks in, piles the pillows up behind his head, lays on my couch, puts his arm behind his head and asks me what I want to do.  I sit beside him. He watches me.  I think for a moment and say that I want to go somewhere and go skinny dipping in the light of the full moon.

His mind is immediately changed about dancing.  He starts a running list of all the places we could swim.  Would this or that place be busy? It is Friday night, on a full moon, a blue moon.  He comes up with some ideas.  We consider camping.  Of course, I just dropped off my tent at my friend's house because of a trip I am about to take.  So we brought blankets, pillows, exercise matts, and some food, water and champagne. We bought a mop bucket at HEB and a bag of ice to keep the champagne cold.

Then we started to drive.  And talk.

We drove for two and a half hours.  We parked the car on the side of the road.  He knew this little spring fed hole in this creek.  Well, it was pretty dry.  The hole was still there but about calf deep and more slimy than anything.  We skipped the swimming.  On the walk to the would be swimming spot in the dry creek bed, there was a tree that had fallen over.  It was smooth, probably from being under water a lot. We sat on that tree.  The curve where it got wider where the roots where was so perfect I lay back on it.  He straddled the tree and I wrapped my legs around his waist.  We faced one another and talked for a good while.   When we left the tree we found a spot in the moonlight underneath an oak.  We laid out the matts, blankets, pillows and popped the champagne.  We stayed out there until 5 in the morning.  Talking and having sex.  Looking at the moon.  As we were laying there lost in our conversation, in each other's bodies, we heard a noise.  It was a goose honking.  Then  the bird flew across the field next to us about 30 feet away.  A deer stumbled upon us.  Then, the mosquitos came.  We gave them their home back.  When we were driving back to Austin through this little town he told me to make a right.  He led me to a river park with a damn.  The river was full and deep. We sat there and put our feet in the water for a few minutes, kissed and then left for the rest of the way home.

We got into bed about 7am.  We had sex one last time before we fell asleep.

We slept late. When we woke up we went to breakfast.  We tried for a nap when we got back, but ended up having sex instead.  In the shower afterward we sat there and I tried to come up with all sorts of ways to describe the blue of his eyes.  They all involved moonlight.

We napped until 8:30pm.  When we woke up I was starving.  He asked me what I wanted to eat.  I said I would like to go to a picnic in the park.  So we went to Whole Foods. We got some coleslaw, heirloom tomato salad, a peach, and some watermelon.  We went to the park.  The moon was so very full. We forgot the plastic forks and the water in my car. So I stayed and he went and got them. When he got back he had cut the top off of a P.Terry's cup that was in the floor board of my car and picked wild flowers. It made a lovely centerpiece. The peach was sweet, the sweetest peach I have had in a while.  I finished every last bite. It fell off the pit as I bit into it.  I lay on a sheet in the grass looking at the Austin skyline and the moon.  It was the best picnic I have ever attended.  I told him, "That peach was magical. It had magic in it." He asked "What kind of magic? Was it a healing peach? A prosperity peach?" I said it was an enjoy this moment peach.

We went back to my apartment and watched Secretary.  I fell asleep in his arms.

In the morning we both had to go back to the real world. He had to leave the vacation of me.  I sat alone in the quiet room, sleepy, thinking about the weekend.

One to remember.

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