Monday, September 24, 2012

Meeting the kid

I went camping this weekend with The Mind Reader and his 13 year old son.

It was interesting. I never thought I would be meeting someone's kid.  Interesting is an understatement, actually. It was a total mind fuck.  When I was younger my dad would bring his young girlfriends camping with us.  It felt exactly the same.  Only this time I was the young girl.

We drove to Inks Lake.  There is a swimming hole next to a campsite that his son really loves.  The campsite was booked.  So The Mind Reader went to the camp office and asked what we could do. They told him that he can find a camper with a site and ask them if we could share it.  So, naturally, he did just that.  This old couple went out of their way to help us camp there.  In the morning, I lay in the tent while The Mind Reader told the couple how grateful he was for their hospitality and kindness and his graciousness warmed my heart.  It is really nice to be around a person like that.

In the morning, in the tent, we woke up with the sun.  And the ducks. And this shitty little kid who kept screaming about how he didn't want eggs.  We were tangled in each other like two new lovers are in the morning.  Whispering things, trying to be quiet, and being interrupted by this screaming kid and the obnoxious ducks.  He tells me, "This is really nice, but if we stayed here another night this place would have a few less ducks." I start to laugh.  Then he says, "But first I would feed that screaming kid to the ducks."  We both laugh as he mocks the kid.

He has his arms around me. He slides his hand down my back and cups my ass and tells me, "Touching you feels like going home after being away for a long time." I couldn't possibly be more flattered.  Just a few days earlier when I was on vacation I told my friends that the best part of being away was getting to go home and that feeling of comfort.

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